Our physicians’ coaches and advisers consult to physicians, researchers, senior executives, and entrepreneurs transitioning from a clinical setting into industry.

The Need

Physicians notoriously have difficulty in management and leadership positions. Though called upon to be leaders in many facets of their work: the OR, the ER, hospital administration and committee work, department chair, few have received formal leadership or management training. Thrust into positions of power involving significant leadership responsibilities, many feel unprepared and experience high levels of stress, anxiety, and interpersonal conflict. An increasing number of physicians, having made the transition from private practice to working within a corporate setting, find themselves completely mystified by what they discover. They are often used to having a staff that will be immediately responsive to them. They are not used to working as part of a team. Many physicians did not enter a medical career with the thought of assuming a CEO-level or senior executive position. Increasingly however, as pointed out in a recent HBR article, physicians are called upon to be leaders in their everyday medical work. In addition, increasing numbers of physicians have turned to careers outside of clinical medicine: teaching, administration, pharmaceuticals and biotech to name a few, or have become entrepreneurs in related fields.

What We Offer

1. We coach physicians, in and out of medicine, as well as senior healthcare executives and their teams to maximize their leadership potential.

2. We coach physicians on the psychology of their groups and organizations in order to better prepare them for their new roles.

3. We address the inevitable interpersonal differences and conflicts that often derail organizational performance.

4. We coach leaders to deal with the psychological toll that leading often takes on their psyche.

Our Approach

Our consulting approach is informed by a number of different perspectives. In addition to utilizing Daniel Goleman's work on emotional intelligence, our model is a psychodynamic one, which focuses on applying the clinical perspective to our consulting work. We are deeply indebted to Prof. Manfred F.R. Kets de Vries who has been a friend and supporter of our work with senior executives. He has offered a consulting model for leadership development that focuses on the leader's personal history and “inner theatre” and emphasizes the value of paying attention to the deeply personal aspects of leadership and organization. Applying a psychodynamic perspective, our coaching process specifically illuminates emotionally based, hidden factors within individuals and groups that often work silently against their stated objectives. We identify and address individual and organizational blind spots and interpersonal impasses that frequently play critical roles in management decisions and business life, thereby creating more self-aware successful leaders and more vital, transparent, and resilient organizations.


We provide coaching and consulting to physician leaders and senior executives and their leadership teams in:

  • Medical schools and academic medical centers
  • Pharmaceuticals and biotech companies
  • Healthcare companies/HMOs
  • Hospitals
  • Healthcare start-ups: Physician and non-physician entrepreneurs
  • Governmental agencies and politics

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