power meeting from aboveOverview:

Our coach cohort is a dedicated team of experienced coaches and scholar-practitioners who actively practice a variety of sub-specialties such as academic coaching, executive coaching, life coaching, and career coaching. Coaches join the cohort because it provides them with the highest exposure and visibility on our web site. We also have a full-service writing and editing firm attached to the cohort that supports doctoral students with critical tasks such as scholarly writing, proofreading, editing, and transcription.

Cohort members are not employees of ORGDYNE Training & Consulting, LLC and do not represent the firm as its agents in any capacity. The same applies to all other affiliates and consultants listed elsewhere on this site. Coaches are carefully chosen for their commitment, integrity, and credentials. All of our members have earned advanced degrees (Masters and PhD) and undergone rigorous training at reputable institutions accredited by ICF (International Coach Federation).


All our coaches pay a one-time platinum membership fee to join the consortium. The fee is significantly discounted if paid as a lump sum by credit card, but may also be spread over 12 equal installments by credit card subscription, with the option to cancel at any time.

Note: No refunds are available for any unused portion of the fee, either paid as a lump sum or otherwise. Before signing up, we encourage you to request a FREE initial consultation by phone or email, so that you can better understand how membership works. For more information on the fee, please click on the “Sign up” tab in the horizontal task bar.

Coach cohort membership benefits:

  • Upon receipt of the membership fee, coaches are authorized to upload and showcase their profiles, photos, links, publications, videos etc. on our site. These form part of a searchable database that is accessible to prospective clients and other users.
  • Coaches enjoy a great deal of visibility, not only on our web site, but also other social networking spaces such as LinkedIn and Facebook where we feature and promote their profiles from time to time.
  • Coaches have access to our online library of password-protected world-class papers, articles, and publications on a variety of topics such as organizational behavior and psychodynamics, consulting, coaching, team building, organizational assessment etc.
  • Coaches have an opportunity to work as Subject Matter Experts (SME) for courses that they develop in collaboration with others in our network. They retain all intellectual property rights to the material and we host the courses on our global e-learning portal on a fee-sharing basis.

Business development and leads:

We actively support the business development efforts of coaches; be it through social media promotion, advertising, joint group projects and such. Business is essentially generated in several ways:

  1. Direct contact between coaches and potential clients that happen to visit a coach’s profile. We do not share in any profits or revenue generated through such contact.
  2. ORGDYNE also receives direct leads as a result of its aggressive promotion and advertising, including from potential clients who contact the firm and request a FREE initial consultation. We screen and vet such leads in order to ensure that they are not dubious. After the leads are qualified, they are available for purchase by our coaches against an escrow deposit. It will be the coach’s responsibility to diligently follow up such leads and convert them into new business. We take no responsibility for such conversion or sale.
  3. From time to time, coaches may work with us on joint projects that are sponsored by ORGDYNE. We will compensate the coaches via a 1099, depending on their level of engagement and contribution, including the fair market value of the project.