“Organizational Psychodynamics is an interdisciplinary field, a subdivision of human systems psychodynamics amalgamating a triad of influences—the psychodynamic research and consulting practice, the theories and methods of the field of group dynamics and organizational systems development, and the tasks and boundary awareness of open systems perspectives.” – Plamen Dimitrov, PhD, RODC, President of the Bulgarian Psychological Society

Although human systems psychodynamics is not a new field of inquiry, there has been a general lack of awareness of its roots. Traditional management and organizational behavior approaches do not address issues such as the irrational and unconscious aspects of work, or the social defenses that one encounters everyday in the workplace. What is not understood may sometimes be dismissed as inconsequential. There is a tendency to act, rather than think, and rationalize, rather than reflect. Holding the dialectical tension between knowing and not knowing precipitates an uncomfortable state of mind. Leaders often deal with this tension in a variety of perplexing behaviors, some of which are out of conscious awareness and may manifest in dysfunction and lost productivity.

Whether you are a learner seeking to better understand psychodynamics and its role in the interplay between the manifest and covert, or a more serious leader looking for psychodynamic coaching, please be sure to get in touch. If you are currently pursuing a doctorate and would like to deploy a psychodynamic framework and methodology to address your research question, one of our academic coaches will be happy to work with you.

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