We have partnered with world leaders in communication technology to bring a new generation of courses, certification programs, and experiential study groups dedicated to the promotion of experiential learning in a variety of disciplines. We have previously hosted the following proprietary events and workshops, using a combination of asynchronous communication and real-time videoconferencing. All of these courses are also offered in face-to-face settings and will be of value to organizational leaders and graduate students that are pursuing research in organizational development (OD).

  • Group Executive Coaching: Where the Individual Meets the Group
  • From Resistance to Organization: A Psychodynamic Approach to Organizational Consulting
  • Coaching with Integrity: An Evidence-based, Experiential Approach
  • Team Mirroring: Understanding the Socio-Emotional Dynamics of Group Coaching and Teambuilding
  • Virtual Unconscious: A Clinical Approach to Online Organizational Dynamics
  • Coming out of the Organization Shadow: A Jungian Approach to Organizational Learning and Assessment
  • Working with Authority and Power in Organizational Systems: An Online Group Relations Conference in the Tavistock Tradition
  • Systems Psychodynamics of Virtual Teamwork: The Role of Trust and Anxiety in Collaborative Group Process
  • Negative Capability and its Role in Leadership and Executive Coaching: Online Certification Course

event_people-420x280Proposed future offerings:

  • Holding the Center: A Psychodynamic Exploration of Leadership Styles
  • Why Don’t More CEOs Mentor? Dilemmas of Talent Management and Succession Planning in a Rapidly Changing Global Economy
  • Exploring New Frontiers in Group Work: A Clinical Perspective on the Future of Tavistock and NTL Work in Cyberspace
  • Do Great Leaders Make Good Managers? Exploring the Myth of the "Managerial Leader"
  • Reinventing Group Relations: The Marriage of Information Technology and the Tavistock Method
  • Creating Online Communities of Practice: An In-depth Exploration of the Potential and Pitfalls of Developing Disembodied Relationships