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Dr. Sharon Spano is a business strategist and certified Associate Integral Coach who is dedicated to maximizing human potential in business and entrepreneurial environments.

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Sharon Spano, PhD., CSP is a Certified Associate Integral Coach, business strategist, and scholar-practitioner who works with business leaders and entrepreneurs to maximize potential and increase bottom-line results. She is also the founder of Spano & Company, Inc., a human and organizational development firm based in Heathrow, Florida.

With more than 25 years’ experience as a business consultant with achievement in training, development, and executive-level coaching, Sharon has facilitated public forums throughout the United States and Canada. She has developed a wide range of training curricula related to disability legislation, leadership, systematic organizational transformation, team cohesiveness, departmental and regional collaboration, systems change, life balance and wellness, corporate burnout, and integrity in the workplace.

As a highly skilled business leader with a doctoral degree in Human and Organizational Systems, Sharon’s primary areas of expertise include: strategic visioning, organizational change, cultural transformation, leadership development, work force relations, corporate communication, human performance, adult development, and integral theory and practice.

Sharon has also earned an MFA in Creative Nonfiction, an MA in Human and Organizational Systems, certification in Evidence Based Coaching, and certification as an Associate Integral Coach™. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation and holds the designation of a Certified Speaking Professional with the National Speakers Association.

For academic students seeking an Integral approach to their masters or doctoral journey, Dr. Spano offers her passion for the methodology as follows:

“The Integral Coaching™ methodology draws upon the Integral AQAL framework that includes whole, complete, and integrated perspectives on the stages, lines, states, and types of human developed as proposed by world renowned philosopher and author Ken Wilber. This framework is an all-inclusive model that support the coaching client in developing transformational capabilities and systematic change with amazing speed and accuracy.

As a certified Associate Integral Coach™, I am committed to helping my academic clients maneuver the many complexities of a masters or doctoral program with intentionality and greater ease.

While the goal of your academic endeavor is to gain the coveted degree, the journey along the way can and should be one of personal transformation. Utilizing the lens of Integral Coaching, I am able to help my clients embody their current way of being such that they are able to embrace whatever changes may be needed in order to successfully meet their goal of a graduate degree.
Yes, this is a complicated coaching process, but it is one that is rich in nature in that it creates space for human potential to arise within the constraints of complex systems and processes. Integral Coaching moves beyond the scope of the obvious goals and objectives to an integrated perspective that helps the academic student appreciate the fullness of his or her experience. It is in this space that transformation occurs.

The Integral Coaching methodology is uniquely tailored to the specific needs and desires of every client. Utilizing the AQAL four-quadrant lens of human development as a way to address the human complexities embedded in a masters level or doctoral experience, academic clients can anticipate deeper awareness, understanding, and results that include, but are not limited to:

Access to Inner Processes and Awareness
A Clear and Deliberate Plan of Action
Intentional Connection and Collaboration
An Understanding of How to Work within Multiple Systems

If all this sounds complex and overwhelming, yet more for you to do as an academic student, let me assure you that the process is both enlightening, and yes, fun. The good news is, I do most of the work behind the scenes so that you can enjoy the coaching experience along the way and focus on your academic journey.

I have been where you are, and I know what it takes to get to the other side. I look forward to our connecting to further determine how I might assist you in achieving your academic dream. Remember, the Integral Coaching process is an integrated collaborative methodology. Together, we will craft a specific coaching program that, while grounded in the Integral methodology, supports a creative process of discovery that will go well beyond your academic endeavors.

As we like to say in Integral Coaching, the process will allow you to “bring your whole self to life.”

So, let’s begin.”

For more information on Dr. Sharon L. Spano, please visit her website at or complete the attached form for a free initial consultation.